• How much does the entrance to the campsite cost?

Camping is included in the weekly ticket.

  • Will I be allowed to camp if I buy a day ticket on-site?

Yes, you will have 1 night of camping included in the day ticket (subject to availability, see above).

  • I want to come with my caravan. How much does it cost? Will I have access to electricity?

A spot for your caravan costs 10 euro for the full event. You’ll have to get a ticket for it on https://prereg.eja.net. There is no electricity on site for caravans.


  • From when and until when can I camp in the camping area?

From 0:00 am 6 th August 2022, until 15 August 2022 at noon.

  • If I don’t want to camp, is there any accommodation nearby?

Yes, You can find different hotels in the village of Tres Cantos.