• What are you doing to make the EJC a Covid-safe event?

We will comply with all the local laws about Covid.
At the moment that means masks have to be worn inside buildings. We will make sure to update if regulations change. (last updated 8 March 2022)

  • What happens if I already bought a ticket and the EJC needs to be cancelled again?

    In case the EJC needs to be canceled, we will refund the tickets. If that happens and you have already bought a ticket, you will receive an email from prereg@eja.net with more information about your refund. 
  • Will there be a doctor closeby?

Yes, we will have a first aid point at the convention itself. There is also a hospital only 10 minutes away from the convention site.


  • If I get Covid during the EJC, do I have to quarantine? Where/how? Will I get my money back?

We will stay up to date with the local quarantine regulations as they are at that moment. We don’t know yet what they will look like by August 2022.
Once you get the Convention, the organisation cannot refund your ticket.