A particular characteristic of this event, as those who have experienced it as particpants, volunteers or organizers will say, is the community that is built among participants. This is particularly true of the camping area, where people have a chance to get to know one another and share moments of both fun and relaxation. 

With this in mind we have been working for some time to, as much as we have been able , ensure that you have a good experience and that we are able to enjoy as a family. An EJC family. 

We always work so that everything functions as best as it can, and so that your stay is as pleasant as possible. We ask that you help us maintain the spirit of harmonious coexistance of our convention, and inform us if there are any problems. We will be deighted to listen to you and find collective solutions.

If you would like to be part of this of this camping community, full of opportunities for relax and enjoyment, we ask that you read these community guidelines carefully. 


  • Tent Rental: If you would like to enjoy the festival without worrying about bringing your gear, we offer you a rental service. We hvae standard 1-2 people tents avilable. The price is 64 Euro for the whole convention. If you would like this option, please write as an email at to make a reservation (Subject line – TENT RENTAL and your name). 
  • Mobile/Cell Phone charging: In the changing rooms of the camp site there will be a space where you can charge your phone while you enjoy workshops or other events. For a symbolic price of 3 Euros for the whole day. 
  • Lockers: Available in all the Sports Halls, you must bring your own padlock, or you can purchase one in our store for 5 Euro. 
  • First Aid Area: If you need to store your medications in a special area in a fridge, please let us know and we would glad to so for you. 
  • Cafeteria: For breakfast and drinks.
  • Kitchen Area: Available for you to cook for yourself daily. It will be situated abouve the football field. Please remember to bring your kitchenware. Would you like to cook your own food 24 hours? We have equiped stoves and sinks so that campers can enjoy fun moments cooking free of charge. Please be careful with the facilities, making sure to clean up your station after use, and informing the organization of any issues. 
  • We will have a small shop where you will be able to buy things of urgent need. We will also have portable fridges and ice. 
  • The water from all the taps around the town is fit for drinking. Stay hidrated!


The selling of food and drink that is not autgorized by the organization is not allowed 

Dangerous objects: Metal objects, utensils, or nay objects that could be considered dangerous by the organozation are not allowed inside the campsite. 

House Rules: Any person who acts against the spirit of the festival and the guidelines will be automatically expelled from the camping zone and will be denied access to rest of the convention zone. 

The Organization reserves the right to expell anyone who carries actions that are bothersome, unsanitary, dangerous, harmful or ilicit. Acts of discrimination, harassment, violence or that incite hate of others based on gender, ethnicity, class, disability, will not be tolerated.

The consumption of alcohol is not permited inside any of the sports facilities. Please take care of common spaces and follow the rules. 

DOGS/PETS: Please leave your pets at home. Dogs/Pets will not be allowed entry into any area of the convention. 

Dogs that have been trined to assist people with disabilities such as visual impairment, deaf or heard or hearinf persons, or reduced mobility will allowed entry. Also dogs that have been trained to assit with certain pathologies such as diabetes, breathing insufieciency, autism spectrum disorder will also be permited entry. Anyone who wishes to bring a service dog will be required to present proper documentation certifying the dog’s training, as well as their accompaniment needs. 

***Reduced Mobility Zone. All areas designated for campers will have restrooms and accesible entries close by.

lack of compliance with there norms will be grounds for expulsion. 

Aquiring entry to the festival guarantees automatic entry to the camping area.

Hours of operation. Camping site will be open on August 6th at 12pm and will close on August 14th at 1pm. Camping will not be permitted before opening or after closing. 

If you have purches a day ticket, you will be allowed to stay at the cam site untill 1 pm the following day after the date of purchase of your ticket. 

Please respect our Badge Contro personnel, who is working for your safety. 

Most of the Team are volunteers who are present to avoid stealing, but we also have 24hour contracted security personnel. 

The family zone is designed for families with small children as well as for participants that would like a quieter area, especially at night. Here, quiet hours will be enforced strictly, and whoever will be staying in this area will be follow the corresponding house rules. 


The entrance of food, water or drinks in closed bottles for personal use is allowed in the campsite. To sell these items is never allowed.

The preparation and sale of food and drink is not allowed in the festival areas, you can only cook for yourself in the common kitchen area, but in no case for sale. It is important that you understand that it must be done in the designated area and never in the tent. For safety reasons and in order to avoid any type of accident among the attendees, it is strictly forbidden to make a fire and use camping gas in any area of the festival. 

Gas cylinders and kitchen appliances will be confiscated and properly stored. 

Failure to comply with this section will be grounds for expulsion, as you would be putting everyone at risk.

There are areas where you can nail tent pegs and areas where you cannot – if we arrange ourselves in a fair and orderly manner, we can all fit in the areas where you can nail tent pegs, which are usually the quietest areas of the convention. If we have to ask you to go to a different area due to lack of space, where you cannot nail tent pegs, we will provide you maximum comfort to compensate for this issue. It is almost unlikely that this will have to happen, but in the event that it does, the organisation will do everything on its part to ensure that you are comfortable and enjoy your stay.

There are many campers and we would all like to camp. 

Animals are not permitted.

In these areas, it is only possible to camp with tents, the access of any vehicle is totally prohibited. Vehicles equipped for sleeping (motorhomes, caravans, equipped vans) will only be able to access the camping area, with having bought the caravan ticket that is added to general admission. 

Attendees must follow the instructions of staff to occupy their marked space in the camping area. 

The main and secondary road, the perimeter road and the emergency exits must be completely clear (they will be signposted) for the passage of people, staff or emergency vehicles. Along with the high voltage area, the evacuation corridors and/or access to the plots. Failure to comply with this will be grounds for moving your tent to another area, if space is available. 

The use of tents with disproportionate capacity in relation to the number of occupants is not allowed. Let’s make smart use of the space, we love to see you create little homely spaces during the convention, but the most important thing is that no one is left out!

You can mount your canopy etc. in the space that will be assigned to you by staff. We want everyone to be comfortable, but also for everyone to be able to find a space to put up their tent. With regards to this; follow staff’s instructions. 

We suggest that if you come as a group and plan to bring large tents and structures, let us know in advance so that we can make a note of it. Send an email to

Ultimately, we reserve the right to prevent its assembly or relocate you as we see fit.


The plots will be assigned in order of arrival by campsite staff, and it is not possible to choose a particular plot before arrival. However, we reserve the right to prioritise the shaded areas for families with children or people with special needs. 

***Each caravan pitch is about 25-30m2 (6×4.5m) 

It is located near the 24hour sports hall.

It is a car park with not much shade (the areas where the buildings provide shade will be reserved for families with children), but there may be the possibility of setting up tarpaulins and ropes in between the vehicles to provide shade, to provide you with everything for your comfort.

The organisation reserves the right to inspect vehicles to ensure that no prohibited items or animals enter.

The use of gas cylinders is strictly reserved for vehicles approved as motorhomes or carvanes that have an approved kitchen for those vehicles. In all other cases, the gas cylinders will be confiscated by staff and stored appropriately. The confiscated cylinders will be returned to the individual when they are leaving the camping zone and the convention. It is prohibited to use camping gas or similar outdoors and in all camping areas.

Please be very careful with your vehicle on the way to your assigned plot. 

The driver of any vehicle that enters and parks in the camper area is fully responsible for the movements and maneuvers of the vehicle, and the possible damage caused by it to other things or people.  

The camper area is reserved for motorhomes, caravans, and vehicles equipped for sleeping and does not have pitches for tents only. One or two small tents will be allowed next to the vehicle as long as they are situated so that they do not go outside of the perimeter of the assigned plot. However, remember that this area is concrete and so there is no possibility to use tent pegs. If you have any special requirements, write to us at

Once the plot is occupied, the vehicle must remain parked there throughout its stay.

The vehicles that are going to leave the convention before the end, must notify both the registration point and the volunteers who will be assigning the plots. This way, those that will have a shorter stay will be located in more accessible areas to facilitate their departure. 

To empty the waste tank, there are gas stations near the campsite, but we encourage you to use the toilets in the campsite facilities.