Hello to all artists!

We are happy that you want to contribute to the variety of events, that EJC 2022 will be hosting!

There will be several types of shows at EJC 2022: Opening Show, Gala Show, Fire Gala, Open Stages and Special Stages and there will be lots of possibilities for Street Performances. If you want to help out as stage hands or stage managers, please also get in touch!

Open stages:

Dear Artists – the Open Stages will take place on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday and we will have a meeting in the morning of each show-day at 11am in front of the stage (in Gym 1). Rehearsals will be from 11am until 2pm. It would be great if as many people who want to perform on the Open Stage during the week could be at the meeting the first morning at 11am (Sunday), so we can make a schedule for all four days. We are also looking for hosts and stagehands. Be part of a great show! –