Considering the mission of Asociacion Juvenitl 3c in support of total integration, we take accessibility to the Event for all very seriously:

  • There are no built obstacles, since accessibility has been taken into account when preparing the venue and when placing the equipment
  • We have a Spanish Sign Language interpreter, who will sign during the whole event, at given times where necessary in other venues
  • For people with impaired sight, there is CONTINUED Audio Description of the event


Accessiblity in public areas and city buildings

We are also in charge of resolving any claims of obstacles that visitor may find in the public areas or city buildings: we visit the venue in question and inform the City Council’s Public Works and Services Dept. 

Cognitive Accessibility

One of the challenges the City Council has faced is reaching cognitive cessiblity in its buildings. This way, people visiting the building will easily find what they need with adequate signage, regardless of any comprehension difficulties they may have. 

At the end of 2018 pictograms were installed in the Adolfo Suarez Culture Centre and this year the City Hall, the Lope de Vega Local Library and the Family and Equality Centre will be made accessible by 21st March. 

Sensory Accessibility

Significant efforts have been made in adapting the venues to deaf and blind visitors for easier access and use of all services. 

All of the installed signage in City building is also in Braile, from entry signage to directions to the individual offices.

As for auditive disability, a number of brand new portable magnetic loops have been placed in the City buidlings to improve communication.You can find them intalled in the Adolfo Suárez Cultural Centre Information Desk and the main desk at the Local School. Registry Desk and Vistor Desks at the City Hall  Social Services will soon be installed. 

We are also using FM comunicacions for one of our basketball teams, since some of our players are deaf.

Easy Reading

For the last few years we have given its due importance to people with disabilities and their reading difficulties, so as to allow for better access to information. That is why this Area is supported by the auditing association “ASI MEJOR” (“that’s better”), who write a news article for the Local Newsletter and also help in improving readability of official comunications and notices.



It is a tool that uses the juggling tecniques in a fun and accesible way to improve cognitive skills and mind-body coordination and in this way we create a creative context, where experimenting and creating new ways of juggling is accessible to all.


 We have prepared a play area to get to know functional juggling, practice it with other people and experiment with this concept in mnay different ways:

→ Using boards, juggleboards and other adaptive equipment invented to promote accessibility and invite all to Juggling;

→ Applying this concept beyord adapted equipment, we take Functional Juggling to the everyday context by using everyday functional objects;

→ Sharing this experience in a fun and experimental environment with other people: at the start or end of each session we’ll leave room for Q&A, share experiences, inform about courses and workshops, videos and other online resource to create your own equipment and continue practicing and learning. 


Facilitators: Ilaria Cieri / Miguel Manzano 

Members of Quat Props Collective, both promoting the use of circus activities and juggling as a tool for social inclusion