About Tres Cantos

Tres Cantos is a Spanish city in the Community of Madrid, located 22 kilometers north of the capital, in the metropolitan area, on the axis of the M-607. It was part of Colmenar Viejo, until its segregation in 1991. It is called Tres Cantos from the name of a geodesic vertex near the land where the city was created. Due to its proximity to the city of Madrid, it stands as a “bedroom city” of the capital, but also as a business city, since many companies have their headquarters in Tres Cantos. It is an example of a planned city, with a multitude of green areas and urban parks. It is a modern city, with a high quality of life and a very accentuated demographic in the youth of its inhabitants.

Wellcome mesagge of Tres Cantos´s Mayor

“In the history of mankind, civilizations succeed one another and many leave a cultural legacy that endures, so that today we can enjoy the things that others enjoyed hundreds and thousands of years ago. Juggling has captivated us since childhood, but we are unaware that it has been around for almost 4000 years, attracting the curious gaze of children and adults, the rich and poor, kings and vassals.

Jugglers don’t need complex sets or expensive special effects. It is their skills, their trained skills to handle any element and their own body, which captivates us hopelessly. 

Life is not a raffle. Life is difficult to balance. Perhaps for this reason, we admire those who cultivate and exhibit the gift of equilibrium and keeping things in balance, making it seem easy and all whilst enjoying it.

In Tres Cantos, we love juggling. In addition to having the Circo Diverso school, this year, hosting the European Juggling Convention 2022, we have become the European capital of circus.

I invite you to participate and enjoy this universal art, so that it lasts at least another 4,000 years”.

Jesús Moreno

Mayor of Tres Cantos.

Tres Cantos – European Capital of Juggling 2022

The most important juggling meeting held annually at the European level will be held in Tres Cantos in 2022.  The new edition of EJC will be hosted by the Tricantina population, a city that will host thousands of jugglers in the summer of 2022.

The EJC is one of the central events in the juggling world, bringing together thousands of lovers of circus arts every summer. Over the decades, the movement has grown, hosting meetings of thousands of people.

Each year, the meeting is held in a different European city, so its itinerant nature gives it an aura of pilgrimage among the world of juggling. These meetings usually last a minimum of one week, in which all the disciplines of modern circus intermingle, creating a great family.

In addition, throughout this convention, the shows of renowned artists, who present their shows and also

The last edition was held in 2019 in Newark, United Kingdom, being very crowded. For the 2021 edition, the movement will move to Finland, in the city of Hanko.

After the stoppage in 2020, the 2021 edition that was scheduled in the Finnish city of Hanko, was finally held virtually, so Tres Cantos will be the meeting place for the European juggling community.