Contacts and volunteering:

About volunteering

By jugglers for jugglers! It’s this simple formula that each year makes EJC such a wonderful, creative and happy event. A festival that shows and spreads the joys of juggling. Many participants, guests and spectators have been dazzled and surprised by the EJC. The colourful crowds in the gyms, on-site, in parades, in street and gala shows and all those little things that make an EJC so special, inspire everyone to join in. We want it to stay that way and for that we need all of you!

Be part of the team!

We invite you to help shape this year’s EJC so that it stays colourful, creative and safe, and still remains affordable.  There are a large variety of tasks to be done, as varied as the participants are diverse. We need a lot of volunteers willing to invest 2-4 hours throughout the week. We also need some to help out more for a day or two or who are more involved in certain areas during the course of the week.

How can you help?

Check the front-page of our website for jobs that we are currently looking to cover. Onsite: come to the volunteers desk and check where help is needed. 

If I volunteer, do I still need to pay my EJC-ticket?

If you want to be a volunteer, contact us through the following form. To be a volunteer, you will have to leave a security deposit, which will be returned to you after the Convention. You can fill out the form that you will find on the EJC2022 website:  The convention is organised  “by jugglers for jugglers”, so everyone is required to volunteer some time during the EJC. Without everbody volunteering (so if everything that needs to be done is done by paid people/professionals) the EJC price would be at least three times as high as it is…