• When does preregistration start?

We will start selling tickets for the EJC on 15 March 2022. You can find them on https://prereg.eja.net

  • How many tickets will there be available for the EJC this year?

The total number of available tickets for sale will be 3000.

Children’s tickets (0-6) are not included in this number.
  •  Are there preregistration phases? What are their dates and prices?

Yes, but they’re not the same as you’re used to!

Ticket phases this year will be limited by number, instead of by date. This is to allow us better planning of the event’s budget. The price and quantity of each ticket phase looks like this:

Phase Adult (16+) Quantity Adults Youth (7-15) Quantity Youth Child (0-6)
Phase 1:  110€ 300 50€ 150 0
Phase 2 145€ 1300 60€ 200 0
Phase 3 and Door: Rest of tickets 175€ 1000 adult & youth total 70€ 1000 adult & youth total 0
  • I am buying a ticket for several people at the same time. Which personal info will I need to enter, so I can gather that from everyone in advance?
    We need of the person who’s buying the tickets:
    – first name
    – last name
    – country
    – email address
    – date of birth
    We need of every individual who the tickets are meant for:
    – first name
    – last name
    – email address
    – will you be camping? (yes / no / undecided)
    – if adult ticket (16+) : are you under 18 or 18+ when the EJC starts?

  • Can I attend the event with someone else’s ticket?

All tickets are personal and your ID will be checked upon entry.

You can, however, transfer your ticket to someone else until 23 July 2022 so that we change the name that’s on the ticket. See the question below for how to do that.

  • Can I transfer ownership of a ticket?

Yes. This might be the case if you can no longer participate and want to transfer your ticket to a friend. If you want to transfer your ticket to someone else, please contact prereg@eja.net, adding the person you would like to transfer your ticket to in CC. Give us your name, your order number, and the information (name, contact info and address) of the person who should receive your ticket. We will confirm whether it’s a real ticket to the person you are transferring your ticket to, and change the information in the backend once you both confirm the swap.

We will not transfer any entries after the end of 23 July 2022. For a ticket swap, there is an administration fee of 5 euro.

  • Someone wants to sell their ticket. How do I know it’s not a scam?

To protect you from scams, the process for transferring ownership of a ticket is: suppose person A wants to transfer their ticket to B.

  1. Person A send an email to prereg@eja.net with person B in CC, with name, date of birth, the email they ordered from and the order number (all for verification), ideally from the email address person A ordered from
  2. Our Prereg Coordinator verifies that it’s a real ticket
  3. Person B shares their personal information with prereg, and (if applicable) confirms that they have sent the money to person A with person A in CC
  4. Our Prereg Coordinator changes the name and information in the backend.

Of course, if you know the person you’re swapping with well and trust them, you can just send us all the information (name and details of A, B and order number) in one email. Please do not try to swap tickets in another way. This system is in place to protect jugglers from scammers, and tickets have to be personalised. 

  • Can I return a ticket?

Within 14 days, you can return your tickets at no additional cost. After that period, if you want to return a ticket you can return your ticket until the end of 6 July 2022.  You will get a full refund, minus 10 euro for administration costs. To do this, write to prereg@eja.net with your name and order number.

  • Why do refunds and ticket swaps incur an admin fee?

The prereg system is run by volunteers, and there is a lot of work to be done in the background. The admin fee is there to encourage participants to give it proper thought before cancelling a ticket. This money goes towards the European Juggling Association and will therefore benefit future EJCs.

  • What is “EJA contribution”?

The prereg system is run by volunteers, and there is a lot of work to be done in the background. The admin fee is there to encourage participantst the end of your purchase, you will see a small fee added with the name “EJA contribution”. This contribution of 2,50€ per ticket will go towards the European Juggling Association (EJA)’s work to support future EJCs. If you don’t want this, you can deactivate the EJA contribution at checkout.  You can find out more information about this and why it’s there here: https://prereg.dev.eja.net/questions#EJAcontribution

  • Why is the deadline for ticket returns earlier than for ticket transfers?

This is because cancellations have an impact on the event’s budget. The organisers have to pay invoices in advance, and so they need to have planning certainty from 6 July 2022. Ticket transfers don’t impact the budget, and we appreciate that with the still ongoing pandemic, there may be last-minute changes for some people. That’s why we decided to offer ticket swaps until a later date than ticket cancellations.

  • If all the tickets are sold, will there be a waiting list? If yes, how long in advance will I know if I’ll have a ticket?

Yes, we will have a waiting list. The latest possible date to get a ticket from the waiting list is after all cancellations have been processed (if there are any). Because cancellations will be possible until 6 July 2022, this means you might hear from us by 13 July 2022 at the latest.

  • Is the ticket for the gala show included in the week ticket for the full convention? 

Yes. The gala is included in the weekly ticket.

  • Will there be day tickets?

Day tickets will only be sold at the door, provided there is still space after the end of preregistration. They are subject to availability, and the EJC cannot guarantee entrance without preregistration.

  • Do children also need a ticket, even if it’s free?

Yes. Admission is free for children up to 6 years and 364 days, at the time of the convention. However, they need a ticket so we can count the total number of tickets for security reasons.

  • Can I buy a ticket in my name and pay with a credit card in someone else’s name?

Yes, the important thing is that during the purchase process, you indicate the name of the person who will collect the ticket and attend the Festival.

Children under 16 years of age (meaning 15 and younger) must always be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. Minors between 16 and 18 years of age must have a permit signed by their parents or legal guardians.

Download the corresponding authorization form, fill it in and sign it. You can then either send it to prereg@eja.net or hand it in at the festival box office upon arrival.

ENG Minors 16 – 18 without accompanying adult https://ejc2022.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/EJC-2022-Permission-Youths-16-18-Age-ENGLISH.pdf 

ENG Minors 16 with accompanying adult: https://ejc2022.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/EJC-2022-Permisision-under16-with-Guardian-EN.pdf


  • How much does the entrance to the campsite cost?

Camping is included in the weekly ticket.

  • Will I be allowed to camp if I buy a day ticket on-site?

Yes, you will have 1 night of camping included in the day ticket (subject to availability, see above).

  • I want to come with my caravan. How much does it cost? Will I have access to electricity?

A spot for your caravan costs 10 euro for the full event. You’ll have to get a ticket for it on https://prereg.eja.net. There is no electricity on site for caravans.

 From when and until when can I camp in the camping area?

From the 5th of August 2022, until 15 August 2022 at noon.

  • If I don’t want to camp, is there any accommodation nearby?

Yes, you can find different hotels nearby in the village of Tres Cantos.


  • What are you doing to make the EJC a Covid-safe event?

We will comply with all the local laws about Covid.
At the moment that means masks have to be worn inside buildings. We will make sure to update if regulations change. (last updated 8 March 2022)

  • What happens if I already bought a ticket and the EJC needs to be cancelled again?

    In case the EJC needs to be canceled, we will refund the tickets. If that happens and you have already bought a ticket, you will receive an email from prereg@eja.net with more information about your refund. 
  • Will there be a doctor nearby?

Yes, we will have a first aid point at the convention itself. There is also a hospital only 10 minutes away from the convention site.


  • If I get Covid during the EJC, do I have to quarantine? Where/how? Will I get my money back?

We will stay up to date with the local quarantine regulations as they are at that moment. We don’t know yet what they will look like by August 2022.
Once you get to the Convention, the organisation cannot refund your ticket.


  • Where can I wash my clothes?

 There are few laundries around the Convention, here you have the google map ubications https://www.google.com/maps/search/lavanderias/@40.6054104,-3.711754,15z

  • If I purchased a camping ticket but have decided to bring a camper van, what do I need to do to get to the camper van area?

You need to buy a camper ticket at the website.

  • Can I access the camping area if I have purchased a day ticket?

You can access the camping site until midday of the next day of your ticket.

  • Are there trees where I can hang a hammock in the camping area?

If you need to hang a hammock, contact us in ejc2022madrid@gmail.com

  • I am worried about shade. If there are no trees, how can we create shade? 

We will try to make available tarps, ropes or other creative solutions.


  • Who do I have to contact if I want to volunteer? What does it mean to be a volunteer?

If you want to be a volunteer, contact us through the following form. You can fill out the form that you will find on the EJC2022 website: https://ejc2022.org/en/contacts-volunteering/

  • Who should I contact if I want to perform/present my show at the EJC?

You can submit your show through this form: https://ejc2022.org/programacion/

  • Who do I have to contact if I want to run a workshop?

You can submit your workshop through this form: https://ejc2022.org/workshops/

  • How do I get to the convention site? Closest train station/bus/airport? Will there be shuttle buses from nearest transport links? 

You can check this info at the website: https://ejc2022.org/en/how-to-arrive/

  • What food will be available on site? Will there be a shop?

There will be a variety of different food stands for a fair price available on the convention site.

Food will be allowed on the camping site. Please note that cooking on the camping site is not permitted for safety reasons.

There are 3 different low-budget supermarkets (Aldi, Lidl) about a 10 minute walk from the convention.

  • Is there a safe place to cook, if I want to do my own cooking?

This information will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Other question?

For any other questions regarding the EJC, you can contact info@ejc2022.org

For any other questions related to your ticket, you can contact prereg@eja.net